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Impaakt’s data has been carefully crafted by a community of over 55,000 members. The information and data the community integrates into impact assessments is both extracted from public sources and AI-generated.

Together, we have:

  • Completed 1 million materiality assessments

  • Published close to 48,000 analyses on environmental and social topics

  • For over 5,000 listed and non-listed companies

Our data assesses real impact in all its dimensions.It is exhaustive, robust and comparable. We examine how companies' operations, products, and innovations change our society and planet.

We solve the problems you face.

The "Big Disconnect"

The industry often relies on ESG data and scores that end-clients find incomprehensible and irrelevant. This data typically overemphasizes financial materiality and fails to address the client’s most crucial question: the impact of their portfolio on the planet and society.

"No-Man's Land"

Acquiring sustainability data for companies not listed in the MSCI World ACWI is challenging. This includes small caps, private companies, emerging markets, and non-listed bond issuers. We understand that the market needs a scalable, flexible tool capable of providing comprehensive and comparable coverage for every company on demand.

The “Divergent Expertise”

Providers using identical inputs frequently arrive at vastly different conclusions regarding the same company’s sustainability performance. We need providers to transition from applying their own proprietary materiality assessment to adhering to an independent, global consensus framed by civil society stakeholders.

What makes our impact data different?

Measuring what Matters

Community-powered impact data that goes beyond financial materiality to measure impact, aligning with investor sustainability convictions. It provides transparent and relevant metrics to understand a portfolio's true impact.

Collaborative Approach

Our unique approach allows scalable and flexible data collection methods that gather comprehensive and comparable impact data for companies of all sizes and sectors, including those for which sustainability scores are not covered by mainstream sources.

Greenwashing Proof

Benefit from an independent, global consensus on materiality powered by stakeholders. This ensures consistent assessments and reduces discrepancies in measuring companies' sustainability performance. 0% greenwashing.

Subscription plans

From sustainability-conscious retail investors to large asset managers, whatever needs and goals you may have, we have a subscription plan just for you.

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