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Visualize the impact of your investments on the Sustainable Development Goals
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Measure what Matters: SDG Impact

The 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development delivered 17 goals set out to ensure the future of the planet and the prosperity of the people in it. These 17 goals are a core framework for our impact assessment.

SDG contributions are too often measured through the lens of ESG data, the profound contributions that companies have through their core business are rarely integrated or weighted properly. As a pure-play impact research provider, we focus on the most profound contribution and assess their scale based on our community of trained impact raters.

This allows us to comprehensively measure the negative AND positive impacts of a company on the SDGs. Providing the insight that investors and asset owners need to integrate the SDGs into their investment decisions and be part of driving the progress of these goals.

We give our clients a view of Net SDG Impact, providing a full breakdown at the company, industry or portfolio level.

SDG Impact Contributions

High quality, verified SDG assessment of 5,000 companies

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SDG Heat-Map for quick assessment of problem SDGs

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Consolidated SDG impact at company, peer group and portfolio level.

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SDG Screener Tool: Find the best/worst SDG contributors by SDG, industry & country

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Why is our SDG data BETTER?


Impaakt's data allows you to build effective investing strategies with key SDG topics at their core. Easily see the impact of your portfolio by SDG, to demonstrate your sustainable investing approach and net impact.


Market-leading SDG impact reports that deliver a 360-degree view of impact by SDG. See what weight each SDG has in the make-up of the total company or portfolio score. Use our SDG contribution reports during engagement meetings.


An independent global community assessment 40k Impact Raters decide how material each SDG is, delivering a transparent rating that dictates the scale of impact a company has on each SDG. Measuring what is material to the planet & society - not what is material to the company.

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UN Sustainable Development Goal Impact Reports

If you would like to see our SDG impact reports in action, get in touch with our team and we will send you a company or portfolio report of your request. Better still, book a demo with the team and see our technology in action.