Companies impact our world - it's time we recognise it.

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Renewable energy companies impact

Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions.

So where better to look when tackling global social & environmental issues than with those having the greatest impact?

Impaakt is the place for you to read about and rate the impact companies have.

‣ Has a brand or company reduced their CO2 emissions?
‣ Has a new product benefited a community in need?
‣ Or has a production facility polluted an entire ecosystem?

Discover their impact here or better still, read on to see how you can get involved.

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Influence companies & investors by joining us.

Impaakt is made up of a global community of contributors measuring the impact that companies have toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

‣ When you write about the impact of a company you hold them to account for their impact and encourage them to change (Impact Analyst Certification currently suspended)
‣ When you rate the impact of a company’s actions you shape their Impact Score which is used by people all over the world.

The scores produced here are also used by investors and financial institutes.

So by contributing, you influence their decisions, ensuring capital is allocated to businesses having a positive impact and taken from those damaging our planet and society.

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Why should you get involved?

Change for Good

Knowing how companies affect our lives enables us to make better choices. You can use it to ensure you buy from, invest in or work for, companies with the most positive contribution to the world.

Open Access

Impaakt is free and open access giving you the ability to be part of a movement toward an impact economy, that pushes businesses to focus on purpose alongside profit.

Circular System

We sell the data produced here to the financial world to help them allocate funds to businesses doing good. These revenues go on to certified writers, who can either earn money or have their share donated.

Standing out from the crowd.

Our approach to measuring the impact of businesses is totally unique. Using crowdsourcing + A.I. gives us unrivaled, unbiased brainpower, depth, and diversity of information that no other system can deliver.

Combining the power of thousands of diverse brains alongside smart machine learning delivers the ultimate in impact measurement - one with the power to change the way the world works.

Before publication all our articles are rigorously checked to ensure the absolute integrity of data and sources, allowing us to deliver our commitment of balanced and informed Impact Scores that you and others can rely on.

Learn more about our impact data reporting services here.

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