Key takeaways

  1. Degradation is the opposite of empowerment.

  2. Ensure that your topic is not anecdotal by highlighting the broader issue at hand and showing that more than a few people were affected.

  3. Provide enough quantitative information to determine the impact value and scale.

What is it?

The opposite of empowerment is degradation, “the act of lowering something or someone to a less respected state.”

SDG choice

✅ SDG 5

✅ SDG 10

Impact assessment

Using the Logical Model, try to analyse the impact of the company’s act of degradation. What has the company done? Where and since when? Try to measure the effect of their actions on people’s health, financial well-being, etc.?


An analysis about one specific instance of degradation takes the risk of being anecdotal. We cannot (and don't want) to report every single wrongful act of a company has taken through its products and services. This kind of event is only useful to us if it serves to illustrate a broader issue, e.g., in this case, a history of repeated dishonest behaviour from the company to many people (women, children, LBGTQ community, refugees, disabled, indigenous people or other minorities).

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