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Alphabet Inc. is better known as Google, Alphabet Inc. was created via a corporate restructuring of Google in 2015 making it the parent company of Google and its former subsidiaries. Its is an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in California and the worlds fifth-largest technology company by revenue, it is also one of the worlds most valuable companies.
Alphabet employs 103,549 people worldwide and 86% of its revenues came from Performance Advertising as reported in 2017 (through user clicks using Adsense and Google Ads) and Brand Advertising. Its total revenue in 2017 was reported as US$110,855 million and a net income of US$12,662 million.

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Impact notes

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

A total penalty of $194,450,000 has been imposed on Alphabet Inc. for privacy violations since 2000

Profile Pooja.Katariya1
Icon time Fri Sep 4th, 2020 at 1:02pm

Globally, almost 6,500 data breach cases were reported in 20181, leading to exposure of over 5 billion records1. In 2019, the data breach violations reach 7,098 that exposed 15.1 billion records - accounting for a 202% increase in records exposed compared to 20182. The after-effects of data breach are largely damaging leading to reputational damage, financial loss and operational disruptions10.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Google is using billions of gallons of water to cool down its data centers in the United States

Profile Shubham Bakolia
Icon time Tue Sep 1st, 2020 at 10:16pm

The United States approximately has 1 data center for every 100 people, which roughly translates to about 3 million data centers in the country1. Most of the data centers use water-based cooling systems to maintain a suitable temperature for their equipment2. A normal-sized data center uses 0.48 gallons of water to cool every 1 kWh of energy consumed by it3.

Reduced Inequalities

Google pledges $37 million, among other things, in the fight against racial injustice

Profile Alka Joseph
Icon time Tue Aug 25th, 2020 at 9:27am

In the wake of a protest in the U.S. against the custodial killing of George Floyd, Google, in June 2020, pledged $37mn to fight racism1. Of this, $12mn is to fund organizations focused on combating racial inequalities and $25mn in Ad Grants to help organizations fighting racial injustice provide critical information2. Another initiative launched, is the dedication of $175mn to an “economic opportunity package” that targets black business owners, startup founders, developers, and job seekers. In addition, some $100mn is being directed in funding participation in black-led startups and capital firms including Plexo Capital, a diversity-minded venture fund, incubated inside Google Ventures.3

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Google's big promises on sustainability are not reflected in their actions

Profile Mike Q.
Icon time Mon Aug 3rd, 2020 at 3:50pm

Many column inches have been dedicated to Google's commitments to sustainability over recent years. 

Reduced Inequalities

Exorbitant CEO pay at Google is a major contributor to rising inequality

Profile Cheryl Hadland
Icon time Tue May 12th, 2020 at 12:03pm

"In comparative terms, CEOs [in the US] now make on average 278 times the average worker’s salary, using the options-exercised formula. That’s up from 58 times when compared to 1989 and 20 times to 1965,6 The total compensation growth since 1978 has outstripped that of the stock market growth by 706.7% and the wages of “very high earners,” which have grown 339.2%."6